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AVANTI is a group of Business Trainers, Coaches, Mentors and HR Consultants having experience in working for many years on managerial position in international organisations. That is why we can offer complex services for organisations – from audit of developmental needs of existing organisational culture, trough psychometric tests of behaviour, personality and competencies of managers and teams to training, Coaching and facilitation. We support our clients in facing challenges of rapid changes and demand from customers, clients and employees.



  • We are experts in Leadership, Intercultural Competencies and Knowledge Management.
  •  Programs of our trainings and workshops are based on newest models of management learned in best business schools and successful organisations. Our programs are evidence based – we teach practical and proved knowledge.
  •  We share our experience in people management and development gained while working for international highly successful organisations – we support our client in building their own best practices.
  • We deliver audit of developmental needs, diagnosis of competencies and organisational culture and on hand of this we are working out strategy of changes and development of organisational competencies – we value system and process approach in development and cooperation.
  •  We are certified Trainers, Coaches and Facilitators in one person – so we are flexible in applying appropriate developmental methods when working with client. This gives an advantage of consistency and congruency of our services, turned in client’seffectiveness in spending both time and money. Serving as Trainer, Coach and Facilitator we have opportunity to learn better organisation, build trust & knowledge, which are success’ factors of cooperation.
  •   All Trainers & Coaches are professionals; we have international certification and accreditation – which guarantee high quality of our services and high standards in teaching and developing techniques.
  •  We deliver practical solutions.Our workshops are interactive; we are working on situations from business practices of participants, who are working out real application and solution of their problems.
  • We are applying different approaches – trainings can be followed by facilitated or moderated meetings, interventions, individual and/or team Coaching.



AVANTI is Expert in
  • Leadership
  • Coaching/Mentoring
  • Intercultural Competencies
We deliver
  • Assesemnent – MBTI and Extended Disc
  • Training
  • Coaching/Mentoring sessions
  • Facilitation
Our advantages
  • We work globally – all services both in Polish and English
  • Coaching & Mentoring session in Polish, English & German
  • Trainers have extended managerial experience in corporations
  • Programs are evidence based
  • We work with leading organizations in Poland




  • Workshop “From a manager to a leader”
  • Workshop “Leadership excellence”
  • Executive Coaching Program


  • Workshop “Managing international teams”
  • Workshop “Managing Polish Teams”
  • Workshop “Intercultural competencies”
  • Workshop on Anglosaxon, Scandinavian, German, Polish, French, Indian & Chiniese Organizational Cultures
  • Intercultural Coaching/Consulting Program


  • Workshop “Managing in coaching culture” – 2 days
  • Workshop “Manager as a mentor” – 2 days
  • Training for HR “Building a learning organization” -1 day

For more information contact Mrs Wioletta Malota, Managing Director of AVANTI, Head of Learning and Development Department.


e- mail: avanti@avanti-szkolenia.pl


Ph.: +48 509 39 90 28